Friday, February 10, 2006

Porn in the World

One of the biggest poles that get bigger every day is the pornography industry. All sorts of material are launched every day: porn videos,porn magazines, sex toys and many more pornographic things. This industry spearheads the idea of “quick satisfaction” and people are starting to face sex as a fast way to offload. That is how the so called “pornification” is changing the concept of making love. The world is getting faster even sex is being targeted.It is a fact that over 90% of the created porn is destined to the male public. In porn videos, for example, there is no sex appeal in the male stunts. They are just there to get satisfied using women porn stars the way home-public would like to have. Women in porn must do everything men want. Meanwhile, women porn stars acting don’t even cogitate whether any needs have. An actual research shows us that this, in some cases, ends with relationships. Often men broke up with partners because they don’t have the same sexual performance porn actresses do. The worst off, in the great majority of porn’s content, being women in humiliating situations. This porn arouses the male gaze and in order not to get monotone, the porn industry becomes eclectic. It creates all kinds of porn that people no longer seeks out sexual material: they look for preference. If the porn industry were highly effective in creating ways to gather public, the internet just came in to make it better. Internet hosts more porn pages than one could ever imagine being possible. It is not necessary to say that museums, news, search engines and sports sites are not the most visited sites - they will never reach the same porn sites audience. There are huge porn portals available 24 hours a day for visiting and the interesting is that they just don’t have just simple porn photos and videos. Throughout the years things became more sorted than ever. These porn sites are organized by specific porn galleries – and there are millions of preferences for every type of audience to get satisfied. There is nothing wrong about enjoying pornography. It is natural of humans to grow interested in its trends. The problem is when people loose track of what is healthy and what is not. Web pages are there likely to never get off the air. So are porn videos and porn magazines too. The important is to know how to separate it from the real world and when it could become a problem.

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